After School Sport & Fitness Programs: Prep to Grade 6

Our After School Sport and Fitness Program is designed to transform children’s confidence in themselves, with & around other children and in sports, all in a safe, fun and engaging environment.

Through a fun, simple and inclusive approach to sport we are transforming kids confidence in themselves, with other children and in sports.

What does the program consist of

  • Our after school programs run in 2 x 20 weeks block, running over 2 terms.
  • At the end of each block of 20 weeks, we aim to see a transformation in each child’s confidence in themselves, with other children and in sports.
  • Each week children are introduced to a new sport from ball, net, racquet and bat sports.
  • Upon completion of each term, children will receive physical literacy score cards highlighting each child’s areas of strength and areas that require improvement for a complete development.


How the after school programs work

The following is a general outline for the program. Each school we work at has different finishing times thus effecting when our programs start and finish.

  • Programs run in school facilities, allowing the kids to play and have fun in a safe and controlled environment
  • Class begins 10 minutes after the bell goes
  • Fit-Kicks coaches are trained to do pick up students from class and take them to the designated area, FitKicks will need written approval from yourself.
  • Most programs run inside school gyms/ halls. In the event that classes are to be held outdoors we will have a number of plans for extreme heat or rainy weather.
  • As parents you’ll be able to and required to pick your children up at the end of class. There is no need for you to pick your children up from class, unless you wish to do so.
  • If you wish for your child(ren) to be dropped off at an after school care provider, we will also be able to do that upon your request.


Payment & Registrations

  • Our 20 week programs require a commitment of 2 terms at the time
  • Payment can be made on a term by term basis via 2x deposits or via DirectDebit
  • Full payment is welcome.
  • Sibling Discounts are available when you contact us via direct email.


If you have any more questions or you wish for your school to run a Fit-Kicks program, please get in touch!