Spectrum Sports Currently on hold


Hello everyone,
I am so frustrated and sorry to inform you that our program for kids on the spectrum is currently on hold.
The reason behind our decision to place the program on hold is that in order for us to cover our overhead costs and run the
program efficiently, we had to increase registration costs that have proved to be too difficult for families to meet.

As a business we have been left in a very difficult and frustrating place. Our passion and love for this mission is still very real but our hands have been tied.
We want sport to be something that is a part of our kids lives but don’t want it to cause problems for families.

Our plan going forward is to wait for the roll-out of the NDIS within our local area, which will allow for families to gain access to funding to allow them to offer this
program to their children without severely impacting their finances.
The frustration is coming from the delay and insecurity of this process and wait.

Believe me when we say that if we could, we would be running programs. And we would have already.

When the time comes, we will inform everyone through our mediums so please connect with our Facebook & Instagram pages as well as our website to keep up to date.

Life is full of hurdles and challenges. This is one for us.
But our journey doesn’t finish here and certainly not because of this.

We will be patient and we will prepare because when the time comes, we will be ready to make an amazing impact in thousands of families lives.

Thank you for being more patient then me,

Carlo Chincarini
Founder | FitKicks