Fit-Kicks is all about empowering children by transforming their confidence in themselves, with & around other children and in sports.

These three things guide our every step.

  • We firmly believe in the power of one. That each individual child has the ability and potential to live a life of achievements and fulfilment
  • At Fit-Kicks we believe that confidence is an important key to unlocking a world of opportunities.
  • We know that by creating positive relationships with the intentions of

The approach that changes everything.

  • Sport is a wonderful way to enjoy life. We love how it has the capacity to bring people together and provide an opportunity for us to shine.
  • At Fit-Kicks we approach sport in a fun, safe, relaxed and encouraging way.
  • By building confidence around each child’s ability, strengths and experiences we are equipping kids with the tools to be willing participants in sport and many other social activities

This is what Fit-Kicks is about: Creating positive relationships that will help build & develop the confidence needed to live a great life.

  • Through the power of connection and positive relationships we can help children believe in themselves, understand their uniqueness and be confident in who they are
  • We hope that there will never be another child that is too afraid to play or too shy to ask to join in