Carlo Chincarini

The founder and visionary of the Fit-Kicks dream, Carlo has seen the program flourish since its humble beginnings.

Born in Verona, Italy, Carlo moved to Australia with his family in his teens.

Carlo enjoyed being active from a young age, but unfortunately his childhood was impacted by low self-esteem caused by being overweight and comparing himself to other kids. He always tried to remain positive and never let it stop him having fun or playing sport.  Struggling to run as much as the  other children forced his coaches to always put him in goals and to their surprise and delight, they found that he was an outstanding goalkeeper. Thanks to these amazing coaches who gave Carlo a chance to shine, his love of football began.

One of Carlo’s greatest memories was when he returned to Verona, Italy as a teenager after living in Australia for five years and visiting his old football club where his passion for football and sport began.  This reunion with his first coach, seeing his first pitch and reliving his childhood memories inspired him to choose a new career path.

Carlo has been able to use his own experiences, both good and bad, to create a company that can provide amazing sporting opportunities for all children.  He has become a friend, a mentor and a positive role model to all the Fit-Kick kids and he gives them endless opportunities to become confident kids full of self-belief and self-worth and to live happy, healthy and active lives.

“From the moment I had the vision for Fit-Kicks, my life has been blessed daily with the knowledge that I am inspiring and enriching lives of hundreds, even thousands, of kids and I haven’t looked back.”

Carlo is happily married to his Canadian wife Stacey and unlike most of the team, doesn’t have 3 kids. Just yet!

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