Fit Kicks

"In a world where we are constantly reminded of our limitations; Fit-Kicks is a place where people are shown of their potential."

Fit Kicks | 2021

After nearly a whole year away, Fit Kicks is so excited to be bringing back face-to-face classes in Term 2! Our passion for building confidence in kids is just too strong to hold off any longer! We believe so much in the importance of reaching kids early on in their lives to build strong foundations of confidence, so we know the time to restart is now. Let’s not waste another minute! With all that the past year has thrown our way, programs like Fit Kicks have become all that much more important. We can’t wait to see everyone again! Spaces will fill up quickly so register your child’s place today!


Grow Through Life Confidently

What do you wish you knew when you were the same age as your kids now?

 Life is full of ups and downs, sideways, back to fronts and upside downs. We are on a mission to help people to grow through life and each of it’s challenges. We love to see kids continue to grow into high quality people that are brave, determined, confident, resilient and the best version of themselves.

My kids love going to Fit-kicks every week! We always have a lot of fun, their coordination has really improved and it’s great to learn about different sports. Coach Carlo and his team are great and really keep the kids engaged. Highly recommended 

Beth S.

Fit-Kicks has been just a pleasure to join, my toddler has become so confident due to Coach Carlo’s positive encouragement. I highly recommend everyone to join Fit-Kicks, it’s an amazing activity for all kids to participate in.

Ange G

Growth Mindset

Not only in our mindset, but in our coaching, our conversations and in our questions, we are growth focused.
A growth mindset unlocks the power of confidence to create, do and achieve more.  

Self Esteem

We introduce kids to the idea that we are no more AND no less then others. 
We help kids develop a healthy dose of self esteem that allows them to continue to believe in themselves. 


Unlike most, we believe that children are the most resilient people of all. Our role is to guide them through simple strategies, tools and skills to help them continue to stay resilient in changing situations 

Self Awareness

In the pursuit of being confident and living confidently, a growing sense of self awareness is important. We’d love to see more kids accept and embrace themselves in their journey towards living confidently and believing in themselves.

Physical Activity

Our programs are delivered through engaging, active and positive physical activity games. By ‘game-ifying‘ lessons, we are able to create a much deeper emotional connection between the participants and their learning. Physical exercise is a scientifically proven mood and health boosting super power that all kids should have access to! 

Fit Kicks Confidence Programs

Years 2 to 5


Establishing a solid foundation for kids ages 2-5 is vital for building the early stages of a positive self-esteem, body confidence, resilience, and ultimately confidence! We want the teenagers of tomorrow to already have a decade of knowledge around knowing who they are, why they are important, and how to be kind to themselves and others.

Primary School


The school age years bring about new challenges with academics, new rules and expectations, and new peer relationships. As kids enter into this next stage of their lives, there is never a more important time to focus on teaching them skills and strategies to become proud of their efforts, resilient during challenges, and able to manage tricky emotions.  

Holiday Programs

*School Holidays*

With a single confidence focus for each day, our holiday programs are not only highly engaging and active, but they are structured to form strong emotional connections between each child and their learning experiences.







Teen Programs

We all know it. It’s no shock to anyone who has been through them. The pre-teen and teenage years can be so tough! Helping kids to navigate these years and the fluctuating emotions and challenges that these years bring is immensely important. They don’t need to navigate these years on their own. They don’t have to be this hard!

Coaches Workshops

We are passing on the secrets and skills that have allowed us 10+ years of genuine engagement & influence, to sporting clubs, educators and schools.
Better engagement, connection and interaction.





Fit-Kicks has been just a pleasure to join, my toddler has become so confident due to Coach Carlo’s positive encouragement. I highly recommend everyone to join Fit-Kicks, it’s an amazing activity for all kids to participate in.


My son Harry attends FitKicks on Friday mornings and he loves it so much he wishes every day was Friday! Carlo and his coaching team are so attentive to every individual child’s needs and confidence level. He knows how to get the most out of each child, and what brings out their strengths. Thanks Carlo!


This program is as essential as swimming for our family. Coach Carlo and his team ensure the kids have fun while learning to be courageous, work through challenges, show what teamwork looks like and help build resilience and self confidence. I encourage you to do the free trial class but at least stay this first lesson because you need to see it for yourself. I learn better ways to help my child every time I spend 10mins watching the lesson. Totally worth it.