The Fit-Kicks Way


If you’re not already an avid follower of Fit-Kicks and our journey, then you might not realize that we

are not JUST a sports program for kids. Sure, we DO do sports each week. And upon observation of our

classes, you might think that that’s all we do. However, there are actually hidden agendas in what we

say, do and how we talk to the kids every week. Okay, not really ‘hidden’ as we talk about this topic all

the time.


We actually do a number of really important, life changing things WHILE we are teaching sports. I

know. Pretty crazy right?


Well, we build Positivity. Positivity in Self-Esteem and Self- Belief. We also feel very strongly about

Courage and Resilience building too. We build Confidence. That’s our main aim. Our big goal. And

definitely our big dream for these 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-year old, and school age kids.


Think about kids as they enter into the later years of school (and even in some cases early on in their

school years). One of the biggest issues that kids face in school is around the topic of bullying. And

unfortunately, not only just school. This now carries on outside of schools and into the scary online

world of social media. Did you know that “Approximately 1 in 4 students in Years 4-9 is bullied every

few weeks or more often, and frequent school bullying is highest among students in Year 5 and Year

8?” (https://www.telethonkids.org.au). As a parent, as well as someone who is deeply passionate about

all kids, this scares the crap out of me.


So what can we do about this?! That’s one of the questions we ask ourselves on a regular bases

through the work that we do. We like to think of our work as a “reverse take” on bullying.


Reverse Take on Bullying

Fit-Kicks believes in “4 Pillars of Confidence.” Those being Self-Esteem, Self-Belief, Courage, and

Resilience. When we think of WHY someone might choose to bully someone else, or even just speak

or think about someone else in a cruel or negative way, what does that say about that person? Are

they missing something in their life that causes them to look for the negative in others? To feel

threatened by someone’s achievements? Maybe jealous? Maybe envious? We know there are many

reasons why a child may bully another, and it can be overwhelming and heartbreaking to think of how

their personal life might be that may be the cause of their actions.


So we are turning it around. Not only is it a question of “what are these kids MISSING?” but also “what

do confident kids HAVE that pushes them beyond the world of bullying or tearing people down?”

THAT’S where we are starting. We are actively building a team of inspired and inspiring coaches who

can be the people we wish we had when we were growing up.


We want to put the platform down. The foundation that every confident (note: NOT arrogant) person

has. The solid base that all of a child’s positive life influences can then build upon. We want to see the 2

year olds that begin their Fit-Kicks journey with us become teenagers who KNOW their core value.

Their qualities. Their strengths. And even know where they struggle or need help, and more than that,

be OKAY with seeking help when they need it. Because those are the kids who will grow up not

hurting or putting down others. Those are the ones who stand up for the victims and speak up when

they feel something is wrong.


Fit-Kicks is not JUST a sports program. We’re a life program. A build-a-better-future program. A change-the-script program. A change-the-world-one-kid-at-a-time program.


Change the course of bullying from the inside out

  1. Increase their self esteem by helping them realise their value, their qualities, what makes them special
  2. Make them feel wanted, valued and capable
  3. Instil self belief in them. If they don’t have it yet, do it for them. Speak to them as if they are already there or it
  4. Show them that they are good. Help them realise that they are great people. ( if you or them don’t believe ( see it)  it yet, it’s ok. Remember, that they can be and that they will be with your help)
  5. Put yourself in their shoes. Look at things as they do. Think as they think. Be them. From there, you can help with empathy, love and support.
  6. Stay positive. ALWAYS.
  7. Remember: their behaviour, is not WHO they are. It’s what they do.
  8. Try Fit-Kicks.


I hope this can be a start, a spark and a seed.
I’d love to help more where I can.
You’re welcome to get in touch through our facebook page and website!

Blue skies!

Carlo Chincarini
Founder | Fit-Kicks