Hello Fit-Kicks Family,


It has been on my mind to start a blog for a while and now that we have some time to sit down and think about what has been, what is and what will be, I thought it was a good time to share with you a bit more about what you know as ‘Fit-Kicks’.

I honestly don’t want this to be a way for me to try and ‘sell’ anything to anyone, what I’m really hoping for is to be able to share our passion, our heart behind what we do, what drives us and what we are trying to achieve.

It will also be about sharing stories about the people that we do everyday life with. I don’t know about you but, learning people stories and seeing where they come from, what they have done, what makes them who they are is not only intriguing and fascinating but also it open my heart and eyes to look at people in a new light.
It changes your perspective of a traffic jam. Shifting the focus away from a bunch of cars, to countless stories, feelings and real people.

It would be great if, as we share more about ‘everything’ Fit-Kicks, it makes some difference in the world.

Kids. Sport. Fun.


It’s funny how experiences can shape the outcome of a life whether in a positive or negative way.

We were out at a family friend’s house for dinner on Saturday night, to christen the new BBQ that they just bought and you know that it would be un-Australian to not help christen a new Barbie. So, we just had to go.

In one of our conversations, as you can imagine, sport came up. In particular, football/ soccer. ( 2 Italians, a Polish dude and an English.. What else are they going to talk about?) ( Fair to say the English went out early during the group conversation).
Back to the story.

As the conversation went on the following statement came out in a thick Polish accent
” I don’t like football! I hate it! ” , to my shock I asked why. Usual response.. ” I hate it! It’s a crap!”
Note: everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I personally love diversity. It’s an important part of society. So I had no problem with it.
But it made me think.
Why. Why doesn’t he like it. What is so ‘crap’ about it.
So I asked him, ” Why do you really, not like it?”  and after giving the same, ‘on the surface’ response and asked again emphasis on the ‘REALLY’.
That hit a spot that goes well beyond the sport itself, past all the outside factors and straight to the experience and feelings.

See, there is no problem with not liking a sport. I think that’s absolutely normal. If everyone liked the same sport it would be boring.
Diversity is so important. But often there is a deeper reason to the ‘ I hate it’ type of statements. And not just about sport. But anything.

I soon learnt that as a child, at school, he was playing soccer in a team with 2 very talented players. Something must have happened and one of them turned to him and told him to go back in defence because he wasn’t good enough. That hurt him but more importantly that small, passing by comment left a scar in his experience that has made him resent the sport ever since.

Now, this story just happens to be about sport which obviously ties in with our field. But the same story could be about music, or arts, or whatever.

The point is that the value of an experience,  whether good or bad, cannot be underestimated. It can have positive results that kick start a life of great opportunity, memories and successes or it can have a devastating effect.

That’s why our responsibility is to make sure ALL kids have an amazing experience of sport, friendships and teamwork.

Each memory/ experience will be a seed that will grow inside of them, we cannot say how that seed will turn out, when it will sprout or what it will look like. But it’s there. It will turn into something.
As long as it’s a positive seed, something amazing will come from it.

That’s why fun is so important. Fun, is a massive part of our life at Fit-Kicks. It’s our way of doing things. We think that anything and everything is so much better when it’s fun.
As kids we all loved and if fact, we all remember the things that were fun. Water balloons in summer, snow fights in winter ( if you went to the snow).. I’m sure you can think of a lot more then I can.
Fun is somewhat like water to the harvest. Without water all the seeds die and so it is with fun. Any good-memorable experience is never quite possible without fun! Fun is personal but can’t be fully experience by yourself. The most rewarding fun is when it’s shared with FRIENDS.

It is also why our 2 to 5 Years Old Sport & Gross Motor Skills Program is so important and why we believe in it so much. If we can allow and provide kids the opportunity to START GREAT, then it will empower them to continue to live a great life that will achieve far more than ours. 

Same with the Primary After School Programs or our Holiday Programs, they are all about living a great life. A complete life of excellence, success and fun. 

Our work, is to plant good seeds.
Seeds of positivity, confidence, fun, courage, of  self-belief, of happiness and of love.

 I just hope we can plant as many good seeds as possible.
The world needs strong, happy, self-confident, healthy young people. 

Thank you for your support.
We genuinely couldn’t do this without you.
You’re making all of this possible.
Thank you. 


Peace, Fun & Laughs to you.

Carlo Chincarini
Founder | Fit-Kicks 

Would be awesome to hear some feedback or ideas or questions… or just chat about stuff really. 🙂