The first one

I haven’t been very good at writing blogs or articles. I have tried to get this going for a little while and I don’t know if I’ll have ( can come up with) something to write for the next one but I’m here now and I’ll show up to the next one and give it a go.
My name is Carlo and I’m no better then anyone who ( hopefully) will read this in the future.
I don’t say this in a negative way but simply in a truthful way. I love my life, my family and my vocation. I’m not a business expert, multi millionare (yet), acclaimed/ qualified PhD kinda dune, I don’t think I have answers to save the world nor how to help my sport teams win something ( !!!!!!)  But I do love what I do and I’m lucky to have been successful at it.

I was born in Italy and moved to the most amazing nation when I was 14 and have been so grateful for everything it has done for me ever since. Today I try to pay it back by helping it’s future generations to feel capable, confident and loved through sport. I lead a small team of amazing, beautiful people, called Fit-Kicks and we help kids feel confident through sport.

I have made a decision to write this blog because like everything else I believe in better, improvement and hope.
There are a bunch of journeys that will begin and continue in this ‘blog’. The first journey is my own; a journey of opening myself to whoever will read this. The second journey will be the journey of being able to discover more of life, of what the purest and most central passion that I have for my job and life and lastly, I hope that this space will help me to help. You. That what I go through, have gone through, can bring you courage, support, hope and reassurance that you are not alone ( although yessss, you know that! But this is more then just knowing that out there, someone there is someone sitting in an office doing the kind of work you do or that on the other side of the country there is someone leading a dance class with the same song as yours or playing the same sport .. This is about actually connecting. Seeing your actual challenges in someone else’s life and thinking ‘ oh shit.. That’s what we just went through or danm! I didn’t realise it was so tough for them… )

My most natural action towards everything I do is to fix what was broken for me. * note, I don’t want to change what’s difficult because in 99% of cases, difficult is good. I’m not scared of that. But broken is different. ‘Broken’ is calling for someone to come along and make it better.


So here, I want to give a voice and a face to the ‘kids’ industry. Because like nurses, doctors & emergency people, we give ourselves to others. We are selfless people, we lift others up, we care for them equally as if they were our own.
With the highest of respect, there are jobs. Then there’s this.

And I love ‘this’.
But people in ‘this’ are so much more likely to get left behind, seem invisible. We don’t share our feelings, our struggles, we get on with what we do, we wear our
mask- i mean smile and carry on as if all is good.
But let’s be real. It’s  ( ok time out. I have to be real to myself and you. I hate pretending. There will be some swearing in this, minimal of course. Because between you and me, sometimes it explains things well and timing is important. Forgive me if it offends you but I rather be real with you then try to come up with an alternative word for 4 minutes ) .. what was I saying… oh yes, business is seriously hard sometimes. When it’s good it’s beautiful, when we figure it all out it’s amazing and when we make a bucket load of cash it’s wonderful. But what about the times when you get no registrations. Or when you have to drop into centrelink every week, or when you can’t take your family on holiday or give them the basics. Yet you rock up, your give 120% and you dig so deep in your hope/belief and resilience bank… That’s tough. Really tough.

So this is what this is about.
Me being real about my business journey, my bad, my good, my in between, my wins and my losses, my mindset, my limitations, my passions.

I only hope to help. That you may find something that will inspire you.

Blue skies

P.s; sorry for the spelling mistakes and if things are repeated, I really want this to be authentic and genuine. 🙂

Carlo is the founder & chief excitement officer at Fit-Kicks and the 2018 Kids Industry Leader of the Year.
Carlo is married to Stacey and together they have a hilarious little girl, Scarlet.