Years 2 to 3

2-3 Year Olds: Cubs

The very beginning of the Fit-Kicks journey for a lot of kids begins in our 2-3 year old classes. In these classes, our engaging and energetic coaches will support you and your child to begin their experience in sport. With a focus on a different sport each week, your child will begin to explore and interact with a variety of sporting equipment and skills in an environment that is safe, engaging, and supportive. There is a simple routine structure within each Fit-Kicks class that will help your child to predict and anticipate what is coming up next in the class. You, as parents, get to be involved for the entire class session. As your child’s confidence and ability grows, you are able to decide when and how often you want to step back and let them do their thing. You know your child best and you get to be a part of their journey right from the very beginning.


It is crucial for every parent to understand that we do not expect any child in these early age groups to be able to follow along with everything the coaches are asking. Our coaches won’t worry if your child doesn’t want to participate. They won’t worry if your child is crying and clinging on to you. They won’t worry if they say to run ‘this’ way, and your child turns and runs ‘that’ way.  They won’t worry because at these early ages, the learning that is happening is not entirely sport related. The children in these early classes are learning a few (if not ALL) of these things here:

  • First time in a big gym (It’s big! It’s loud! It echos!)
  • First time listening to a coach (or someone that isn’t mum or dad!)
  • Being around other kids! (Especially if they are an only child, not attending daycare, or not attending other activities yet!)
  • Learning to wait
  • Learning to take turns
  • Learning other concepts like ‘stop and go,’ ‘left and right,’ ‘fast and slow’
  • Following a routine



So please don’t panic! This is where a lot of foundational learning happens. For some kids, it happens in class #1, and for others it takes a lot more time and repetition. Whatever your child does, just know that our coaches are going to be there to build a relationship with your child and cheer them on with every little step they take.


How does “The Confidence Program” fit in with my 2-3 year olds class?

This is where our The Confidence program really begins. For your child to be able to one day be comfortable in their environment, with other adults and children, and in their own abilities, they need to know that they have people in their corner cheering them on, helping them to feel safe and secure, and encouraging them when they stumble. There will be a lot of positivity, praise, high 5’s and excitement!