Pre-School Confidence Programs


Pre-School Confidence

There are so many things that little humans are learning every single day of their big lives. What things are, what things mean, how the world works, boundaries to push, routines to follow, and the list is endless. In the Pre-School Confidence Program, we have created a program that allows you as parents to introduce and prepare your children for everything that life will bring them in their schooling, social and sport lives.

  • Listening to someone other than mum and dad!
  • Learning to stop, go, and wait!
  • Turn-taking!
  • Celebrating their wins
  • Celebrating their friends wins
  • Not giving up when something is tricky!
  • Encouraging their friends to keep trying!
  • Following instructions and a simple routine!

These are just a few of the massive skills that kids this age will be able to enter their school years equipped with, ready for the rest of the fun that being a big school kid brings!

Our approach to sport & life in our classes is very relaxed, simple, fun and encouraging. We make sure that no matter what level of confidence your child may have, we make a conscious effort to create the perfect environment for all kids to learn, grow and build the confidence that will give them the greatest chance to live their lives fully, overcome obstacles, and achieve their dreams.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Free Trial classes to see for yourself how our approach and methods allow children to discover their abilities and build their all around confidence.


My child doesn't know how to follow instructions yet. Can they still participate?

!That’s COMPLETELY okay! And very typical of young kids! We have created these classes to give your children some of their first ever experiences both listening to and following the instructions of someone other then mum and dad! That is a very big skill and a very big challenge for little humans! There is so much that goes on in their big minds when they step into anything outside of home. For Fit-Kicks, it might be their first time in a big hall, first time with a group of other kids, first time listening to someone new, first time being around so many parents, first time trying a certain sport, first time hearing their voice echo in a big room! And the list goes on and on and on. Following instructions will come. Sometimes that happens quick, and sometimes it takes some time. Either option is perfect! We get it and we are there to help both your child AND you as parents to journey through their learning, one class at a time.  

My child doesn't listen well just yet. I am not sure if I should sign him up.

That’s okay! And you should! We start our programs at age 2 as we know that this is the perfect age for kids to start learning about routines, simple instructions, and learning about the concepts of ‘stop’ ‘go’ and ‘wait!’  We don’t expect any child to start their Fit Kicks journey already mastering these skills! If they do, great! If they don’t, also great! They will get an opportunity every week to learn, watch the coaches, and watch how other kids interact to these instructions. The power of observation is a mighty one!

My child is very shy. What if they don't want to participate every time?

‘Thats okay! We meet kids with all different personalities, and shyness is a very common one! The way we interact with each child is really important to us. When your child starts their journey at Fit Kicks, we prioritize getting to know their name, what they like, and a little bit about them so that we can tailor how we engage them into each class. That might mean we give your child space to explore cautiously if that is what they need. We will encourage, excite, and invite them to play on their terms. As their confidence grows, they will naturally start to interact and participate more and more. We see this exact child every class so fear not. You and your child will be okay!

My child has never done something like this before. Is that okay?

Fantastic! How exciting this will be to get to watch them experience something new! Everything will be okay. Our coaches will get to know your child AND you, and help both of you ease your way into the program at the pace that feels best to you both. 

What does my child need to bring?

We suggest that every child has a drink bottle as we take many water breaks throughout class. (They will also get a sticker at the end of class and many kids like to put their sticker on the drink bottle. For that alone, the drink bottle is a must! Hands are also just as good!)  In addition, a good pair of running shoes, a parent or guardian (who must remain for the class), their Fit Kicks top if they have one, and a snack for after (as most kids are “staaaaaarrrrrrrrving” after. Obviously.) Any medications if needed are also a good idea (such as  if they have asthma or an Epipen, but I am sure you are already on top of all that!) 



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