About us



In this page we share everything that makes us who we are in the hope that we may find others who share in our views, methods and beliefs. 


Our Story

Our company was founded in 2011 by Carlo Chincarini and has been continously developing in order to provide the most valuable opportunities for children.

After migrating to Australia in 2014, Carlo returned to his home town in Italy following the end of year 12, a trip that would acts a catalyst.

Whilst standing at the fence of his boyhood soccer club, watching as the kids trained, Carlo recalls the ‘ah-ha!’ moment in which Fit-Kicks was created.
‘ As I stood there, all the memories of what that place meant for that child with low self esteem, with anxiety, with body image issues and with fears, they all flooded back. It was in that moment that I realised that I wanted to spend my life in helping kids become the best person they could be. Getting them through the emotions and challeneges that they are facing and into a life where they can thrive.

I tell this story, not to make things about me. But because these challenges are still real today and real for so many kids. And I know that back then, if I had someone that went through those very things to guide, reassure and support me through, that would have made a world of difference.’

Fit-Kicks was created to be solution to a number of problems that have negatively impacted the early years of people’s lives for a long time. Everything we do, we do because we remember what it’s like to be in situations and to feel a certain way.



Philosophy & Mission

Our guiding principle is to keep whoever we are helping at the centre of the heart and focus. We do everything we do to guide and help people become the fullest and best version of themselves.

Our mission to break the regret cycle by inspiring people to live with confidence and grow through life confidently.

Helping Your Child

Grow through life with CONFIDENCE


At Fit-kicks we believe that emotional connection between children and their learning is the key to them leading and owning their growing. 

 At Fit-Kicks we choose to empower children by allowing them to choose and rather then control or force them to do something, we believe in creating the trust, understanding and safety that they all need to attempt, improve and succeed. 

Our coaching system is based on the long term effects that our words, interactions and actions will have on each child that we come across. 

By creating an environment where kids are accepted for who and how they are, along with a coaching mindset of boundaries over rules, the learning they will do will equipment for a life of confidence, better decisions and achievement. 

What We Offer


Each program is delivered in taylored methods appropriate for each age group. Although the focus remains the same, the activities and the class structure changes to the benefit of each group’s developmental stages.

Our 5 Confidence Key areas are:

  • Growth mindset
  • Self esteem
  • Courage 
  • Resilience 
  • Self Awareness


Ages 2 to 5

You’ll love our award winning pre-school program.

  • Calendar year program
    • no cut off | sign up at any time
  • Weekly 40 minute classes
  • New Sport each week
  • New confidence theme each week
  • Make up classes available
  • Pro- rata payment system
Kinder & ELC

You’ll love our award winning pre-school program.

  • Educator Workshops
  • Parent Workshops
  • Whole Centre Incursion Programs

Each of these can be tailored to your center’s needs. From number of sessions, weeks, which lessons you want provided.
This is complerely customisable according to your budget and needs.

Ages 5 to 12 ( Primary)
  • Calendar year program
    • no cut off | sign up at any time
  • Weekly 60 minute classes
  • New Sport/ activities  each week
  • New confidence theme each week
  • Make up classes available
  • Pro- rata payment system

We offer valuable programs that will support the work that is already been done. 

  • Parent Workshops
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Wellbeing program
  • After School
  • Holiday Programs

Each of these can be tailored to your school’s needs. From number of sessions, weeks, which lessons you want provided. You can customise it according to your budget and needs.


Lauching our work with teenagers is a an amazing Mindset & Confidence workshop running on April 3rd. 

A full day of confidence and mindset changing activities that will change the way we think in order to do and achieve more.  


Easter School Holiday Programs
March – April 2020

Teen Mindset & Confidence Holiday Program

Term 2 Starts April 14th 



What Our Families are Saying


This program is as essential as swimming for our family. Coach Carlo and his team ensure the kids have fun while learning to be courageous, work through challenges, show what teamwork looks like and help build resilience and self confidence. I encourage you to do the free trial class but at least stay this first lesson because you need to see it for yourself. I learn better ways to help my child every time I spend 10mins watching the lesson. Totally worth it.


My son Harry attends FitKicks on Friday mornings and he loves it so much he wishes every day was Friday! Carlo and his coaching team are so attentive to every individual child’s needs and confidence level. He knows how to get the most out of each child, and what brings out their strengths. Thanks Carlo!


Fit-Kicks has been just a pleasure to join, my toddler has become so confident due to Coach Carlo’s positive encouragement. I highly recommend everyone to join Fit-Kicks, it’s an amazing activity for all kids to participate in.