At Fit Kicks, we fully believe in the importance of key elements like Courage, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Self Esteem, and Confidence, and know that these have powerful and positive impacts on the life of a child.  To support kids to understand a variety of confidence topics and themes, we focus on one at a time during each class. This allows us to help them to understand what it means, unpack it together, ask questions, and then practice it in a real life context. It is also why we believe in the power of family and the role family plays in the lives of kids. Our dedicated coaches can only impact a child’s life so much in a single 40 minute session. This is why we have our online program, our Confidence Journals, and also why we value the work we do with parents and families. To build opportunities for connection, to provide strategies for working as a family team, and for overcoming obstacles together . Parents and guardians are crucial in supporting a child to grow up with a healthy and positive mindset, self-esteem, and level of confidence in themselves. Together we can achieve more. Together we are a team.