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The School of Confidence

Kids thrive when they have balance, just as adults do. A balance between high intensity physical exercise, low intensity exercise to get the heart rate up, quiet time, academic time, socialization, independence, mindfulness, among many other areas.  But how does one find the time and energy to fit these things into a busy life? 

That’s where The School of Confidence comes in! A unique, interactive HOME program to help you keep your sanity as you keep your kids stimulated, engaged and growing in their self esteem, resilience, and overall confidence! We believe in empowering kids to learn the skills and strategies that will help them grow as confidence people, ready to tackle any obstacle in front of them.

What We Offer

For Preschoolers

Establishing a solid foundation for kids ages 2-5 is vital for building the early stages of a positive self-esteem, body confidence, resilience, and ultimately confidence! We want the teenagers of tomorrow to already have a decade of knowledge around knowing who they are, why they are important, and how to be kind to themselves and others.  

Sport & Exercise classes

Confidence lessons

Home activities

For Primary Schoolers

The school age years bring about new challenges with academics, new rules and expectations, and new peer relationships. As kids enter into this next stage of their lives, there is never a more important time to focus on teaching them skills and strategies to become proud of their efforts, resilient during challenges, and able to manage tricky emotions.   

Sport & Exercise classes

Mindfulness & Wellbeing classes

Life Skills

For Teens

We all know it. It’s no shock to anyone who has been through them.The pre-teen and teenage years can be so tough! Helping kids to navigate these wonderful years and the fluctuating emotions and challenges that these years bring is immensely important. They don’t need to navigate these years on their own. They don’t have to be this hard!

Our amazing Teen Confidence Program is coming soon! Stay tuned ! 

Mindfulness & Well being classes

Fun Exercise classes

Life skills

What’s Included

6 + Daily Classes

daily Confidence classes

Mindset & Resilience lessons

daily schedules


Sport sessions

Mindfulness Classes

Exercise Classes

Fun Family Activities

Home actvities

Programs for


Primary Schoolers


Easy, simple & fun activities for each day of the week

weekly sessions

LIVE sessions per week

Cost per day

Coaching through nurture & care

The Fit-Kicks team has been known in their community for the nurturing, patient and caring style, which combined with a love for seeing kids become their best has resulted in over 10,000 kids discovering their confidence and being willing to do the things they were too afraid of before.

Learn From The Comfort of Home with Coach Carlo!

Online Coaching

Carlo is Australia’s 2018 ‘What’sOn4Kids – Industry Leader of the Year‘ and a trusted source of knowledge, teaching and strategies for parents to help their kids develop into the most confident versions of themselves. His coaching philosophy has been refined over the 10 years that his company Fit-kicks Confidence Programs has been running.

With a child-centred, nurturing, growth mindset and patient approach, Carlo has given reasons to smile, be, & do anything to well over 10,000 kids.

Now, he can be your personal assistant to help you keep your sanity, engage your kids and help them get through this new season. A season where they will come out better versions of themselves with skills that will take them through all the challenges that life brings.

Let’s overcome together!

From the most challenging of times, the greatest achievements are accomplished.


Are all the classes Live?

Each day you will receive 6 pre-recorded sessions on our online system, you can access these from 8am Melbourne time and you can complete them at your own pace, whenever it suits your family. Some activities will work best for your family at different times than on our schedule. That’s completely ok! This program is design to support you and your families needs!  

What if we have a small home/ no sport equipment?

No. Problem. 
At The School of Confidence we believe that creativity and resourcefulness are skills that we can learn and apply to many areas of our lives. So, don’t worry if you are in a small apartment and no equipment, you’ll see how we adapt to space and use the everyday house items for our games and activities

Where can we access the program?

You can access the program for any laptop on our website AND on any table/phone via our App! 
Easy, simple, convenient and fun!  

How does payment work?

The School of Confidence is set up to be simple, easy and convenient. From the day you signed up, a weekly recurring payment will be applied. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You have complete control over your subscription. Once your kids are confident enough for us to part ways, simply head to your dashboard in our portal and update your details and membership there. Easy. Peasy.

Can I repeat a day?

Each day that goes by of program new content will be released to you. Previous days will still be accessible and you can go back to view your favourite activities from the previous days. 

What time does each day get released?

Each day’s activities are released at 8 am  Melbourne, Aus, time straight to your account.