Social Impact

At Fit-Kicks we believe that all humans, small and big, deserve to live life confidently.

The challenges in the world are many and often too big for a single person to fix, but the magic is that we can all play our part in doing something about it because we believe in the power of 1.

Just like we empower children to believe in themselves, we believe that if our communities, our cities, our countries and our world was full power of 1s then life would be that little be brighter.

As we write this in 2018 we are still on our growth journey but that’s never stopped us doing what we can, making a difference in lives, no matter how small the act.


At the end of 2017 we began a journey to offer Trial Classes with a difference.
See, each Trial Class is $10, with all of that being packaged up and sent to worthy charities, causes and organisations.

So when you sign up to change the trajectory of your kids confidence in life, know that in the process you are supporting, helping and giving a little be of hope to someone that needs it.

If you know a worthy organisation that we can support, please get in touch to let us know!